Verdict Full Name Conditions
AC Accepted Your program outputted the correct answer and terminated normally.
WA Wrong Answer Your program didn't output the correct answer, but it terminated normally.
TLE Time Limit Exceeded Your program used too much CPU time or wall clock time.
The wall clock time limit is max(1.2 * TL, TL + 1s). Wall clock limit will not be triggered under normal circumstances, unless the judge server is under heavy load or your program paused by calling sleep().
你的程式花了太多時間執行(CPU time 或實際執行時間)。
實際執行時間的限制是 max(1.2 * TL, TL + 1s)。這個限制通常不會用到,除非評測系統過載,或者你的程式因為呼叫 sleep() 等函數而暫停。
MLE Memory Limit Exceeded Your program used too much memory.
Program that used too much memory would not necessarily get an MLE; see Memory Accounting Types for more details.
注意並不是所有用了太多記憶體的程式都會得到 MLE,詳請請見相關頁面
OLE Output Limit Exceeded Your program tried to extend a file (including stdout) larger than the output limit.
Note that this limit is placed on a per-file basis. There is also a limit of 2 * OL on the total output size, but this limit is enforced by setting the filesystem size and won't trigger an OLE; instead, the write operation will fail due to insufficient disk space. For example, if your program wrote too many bytes into stderr, you may get a WA because it can no longer write into stdout later.
你的程式使得任何檔案(包含標準輸出 (stdout))的大小超出 Output Limit。
前述限制是對每個檔案獨立的。對於所有輸出的大小總和另外有一個 2 * OL 的限制,但該限制是直接以檔案系統設置,不會觸發 OLE,而是會因磁碟空間不足而寫入失敗。舉例來說,若你的程式寫入太多內容到標準錯誤輸出 (stderr),你可能會因為此後沒辦法寫入標準輸出 (stdout) 而得到 WA
RE Runtime Error Your program terminated by exiting with a non-zero status code.
你的程式的 exit status 不為 0。
SIG Runtime Error (killed by signal) Your program was killed by a signal.
Some common causes are invalid memory access (SIGSEGV, i.e. Segmentation Fault), division by zero (SIGFPE), uncaught exceptions in C++ (SIGABRT), and invalid instruction (SIGILL). Note that SIGXFSZ is excluded since it will be interpreted as OLE.
你的程式被 signal 強制中止了。
常見的原因包括違規記憶體存取(SIGSEGV,也就是 Segmentation Fault)、除以零(SIGFPE)、非法指令 (instruction)(SIGILL),或是你有 exception 沒有 catch 到(SIGABRT)。SIGXFSZ 將會視為 OLE 而不算進此項。
CE Compilation Error Your program failed to compile.
CLE Compilation Limit Exceeded Your program took too much time (> 60 sec) or memory (> 2 GiB) to compile.
編譯超時(超過 60 秒),或者編譯時使用了太多記憶體(超過 2 GiB)。
ER Judge Compilation Error This is caused by failed compilation of the special judge program. If you see this, please contact the problem setter.
Special judge 編譯失敗,趕快通知出題者。
EE Execution Error These are caused by internal errors during the judging process. If you see them, please contact the site maintainer.
Judge 壞了,趕快通知我們。
JE Judge Error